R&D and Sourcing drive our day-to-day business

The first feed a young animal eats has a direct impact on the development of its digestive system.

Our sourcing is original and controlled. It combines: 

High-quality raw materials selected for their palatability and energy content: naked oats, flaked cereals, biscuit powder, puffed rice, etc.

Protein sources chosen for their very high digestibility, natural balance of amino acids and biological value for the immune system: milk by-products, yeast proteins, vegetable and/or animal proteins (blood plasma, fishmeal, etc.)

Targeted additives to meet specific and temporary issues on each farm: plant extracts, essential oils, prebiotics, etc.


Pigs are omnivores

ARC Nutrition seeks to diversify formulas from the first feed eaten to permanently establish microbiota and enzyme array at the time of weaning.

A balanced diet

A balanced diet is our priority
Animals can be successfully weaned or started off in life if they are given a sensible diet which is designed to boost the performance of each farm and achieve optimum economic results.

“À la carte” expertise

Each customer is different: our ability to innovate allows us to develop tailor-made ranges for our customers, whether farmers, dealers or manufacturers.
These innovative approaches are used to produce complete feed or base-mix for piglets.

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