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    ARC, Expert in young animal Nutrition

    We have specialised in young animal nutrition for over 25 years. Each year, over 3 million piglets are fed with ARC products and each day, our 20 employees work to supply our Starter feed. 

    ARC Nutrition was set up in 1984 in Brittany, in the heart of France’s main farming region. Since its creation as a family-run, independent animal feed company, ARC Nutrition has been meeting the challenges of the most delicate and technically-demanding stage of pig farming: piglet weaning and post-weaning.

    In 2014, ARC Nutrition expanded its range to young poultry (chicks, turkey chicks, etc.), and since then has been supplying innovative, highly-nutritious starter feed.

    Located in the Foeil municipality (Côtes d'Armor, Brittany), the plant specialises in manufacturing feed for young livestock. It offers solutions adapted to the needs of each market, guaranteeing performance and health control.

    Our values


    Through contact with farmers, ARC Nutrition develops its expertise by listening to them and carrying out field tests.


    Our team offers responsive services and “à la carte” starter products.


    Innovation is driven by the constant search for new ingredients and blends for weaning solutions.


    Our commitment to quality and feed safety keeps our customers coming back. 

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    Our nutritional programmes

    ARC Concept

    A good Weaning management is a key factor for growth performance!


    Piglet weaning and post-weaning

    From 5 to 42 days old


    Starter feed for chicks

    From 0 to 10 days old


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